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How can you enjoy your holiday weekend & still stay on track?

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Here's a short one for you this week:

Whenever a holiday rolls around, we usually celebrate with food. And, that's ok. However, it can feel overwhelming when we are trying to eat a healthy diet and we run into a table full of treats and party style food. What if you didn't have to feel that way?

We hear a lot about "cheat meals" and "falling off the diet wagon" or even "ruining my diet" - but if you can change your perspective for a minute, we are going to challenge that idea. 

If you eat to nourish your body with fresh fruits and vegetables, quality protein, and whole grains 80% of the time, then you have room for margin. You actually have 20% margin for indulgent foods! No one should feel like they have to never have a treat or indulge in foods that aren't at healthy or nutrient dense. We really encourage you to eat with that 80/20 concept in mind as you go into any week, but especially when you may be wrestling with the idea of a holiday weekend with lots of tempting foods. 

So, what do we say? We say ENJOY your holiday, let it be your 20% and don't feel guilty for having a good time. And remember to stay hydrated! 

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