Common Mistakes People Make When Embarking on A Fitness Journey
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Common Mistakes People Make When Embarking on A Fitness Journey

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Starting on a training program is one of the most incredible things you can do to boost your health. Not only will you experience more strength and an enhanced ability to engage in daily activities, but you’ll also lessen your risk of developing chronic diseases ranging from heart disease to diabetes.

The key is knowing and figuring out your goals – what you want to accomplish – and then devising a strategy to reach them. And while any sort of exercise is better than none, it’s necessary to make sure that your workout is worthwhile. After all, if you’re not training correctly, you may not get the perks of movement – or worse, you may be putting yourself at risk of serious injury.

Here is a list of common fitness mistakes we frequently see people make and how to avoid them.

1. Skipping the stretch
This common workout mistake isn’t just a beginner’s mistake – skipping the warm-up. It’s great to be hyped about getting to the core of the workout, but stretching shouldn’t be optional. Before getting into beast mode, it would be best to take several minutes to get your body ready for an intense exercise with an adequate warm-up that involves dynamic stretching, which can help improve performance and prevent injury. This promotes better posture and form during your training and helps to stretch out worked muscles after your workout. Also, stretching has many benefits and should not be restricted just to before and after a workout but really whenever you want! 

2. Skipping rest days
In today’s “all or nothing” society, it’s common for new exercisers to overdo it straight out of the gate. Even people who have been inactive for decades try to dive into a half-marathon without much training. Over-exercising can often hinder your progress and can cause overuse and accidental injuries. When you work out, your muscles develop tiny tears. Cells called fibroblasts come to the aid of wounds, and they help repair the tiny tears you create when you engage in exercise. Give them a chance to repair and take time for rest and recovery. Don’t forget, too much of a good thing is still too much! Take those rest days; your body and your muscles will thank you! 

3. Thinking exercise alone is all you need
Exercise is essential and is suitable for your mind, body and soul! You can learn a lot about yourself through training. However, it is not the only factor you need to be focusing on to lose fat. If your diet habits aren’t aligned with your fitness goals, you’ll never hit them. Nutrition plays a more leading role in losing fat than exercise! Step one in improving your food intake is to reduce your consumption of added sugar. Remember, not seeing real outcomes over a period of time during workouts could be mainly because of poor diet planning. DM us for more information on obtaining a balanced diet, what changes you might need to make to help your workouts help you get where you want to be!

Before you embark on that fitness journey or join a gym, avoid these mistakes and learn from them. And, If you want more advice and help along your fitness journey, reach out to the professionals at Home Core Fitness. We offer online fitness training and one-on-one personal training to clients’ private locations/homes. We are a talented team of fitness and health professionals that gives fitness and health solutions by creating custom workout plans tailored to our client’s fitness goals. 

We provide In-Home Personal Training Services to clients across New Market, Frederick County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Howard County, and the surrounding areas.

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