A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started On A Fitness Routine
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A Beginner’s Guide To Getting Started On A Fitness Routine

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While performing daily exercises can help you maintain good energy levels throughout the day, it can also improve your health significantly by reducing your risk of chronic disease as you age.

However, as someone new to working out, including exercise as part of your everyday life takes a lot of determination, as sticking to it in the long term requires discipline.

At Home Core Fitness, our goal is to get people moving! Making small steps will lead to bigger ones as we all need to start somewhere. When we work with you, we will help you start, which can be challenging at first, but we will make sure that you begin effectively and safely. When you start working on your fitness goal, you need nothing other than a positive attitude and some excitement! To help you with this as you start your journey towards better health, we have created a Beginner’s Guide to get started on a fitness routine.

Getting Started
Go on walks:
 Getting the body moving is very important! Try walking briskly or at a leisurely pace to give your muscles time to warm up. Slowly increase the time and pace to intensify your workout.

Drink more water: As you work out, you will expend energy, and you’re going to sweat. Drinking water throughout your workout will help you to stay hydrated and flush out toxins from your body.

Next Steps
Make a list of short-term goals:
 These short-term goals are meant to help you stay motivated on your journey to better health. It can include “eat fewer carbs” or “run one mile every day.” These milestones can be attained in a relatively short amount of time and will bring you closer to achieving your ultimate fitness goals. Remember that your fitness goal will take time, and by working towards it, it will happen. We like to say that this is a marathon, not a sprint. So, a little patience goes a long way.

Advice From The Pros
Don’t do too much too soon:
 It is easy to overdo things. So, if you feel pain or discomfort while working out, stop! Working out when in pain could lead to injury, extended fatigue, and motivation loss.

Trust your coach or trainer: Trusting your trainer or coach, your training plan, your fitness, and even yourself is the key to a successful outcome in your personal fitness journey. Make sure to give yourself a chance you deserve.

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