Helping Clients Get More Than Just Physical Results
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Helping Clients Get More Than Just Physical Results

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The journey to fitness is a holistic experience that involves your physical and mental presence. Without integrating the two, it’s incredibly challenging to achieve the goals you have in mind. At Home Core Fitness, we help you believe in yourself and take charge so that you build confidence, lose weight, change your living habits, get stronger, and gain energy.

Our clients know that we are here to help them do more than exercise. In fact, we are here to change their lives for the better so they can be who they want to be. Their change in appearance is just one of the many beneficial results we offer.

To show you how impactful our efforts have been thus far, we’ve highlighted four reviews below. They explain how we’ve managed to help individuals of different ages achieve their goals and more.

1. Top priority for personal goals
Home Core Fitness
 really takes care of you throughout the process of making lifestyle changes. My goals have become Jesse’s goals. I highly recommend Home Core Fitness if you’re looking to make big changes. I’ve noticed an improvement in my coordination, muscle tone, and energy. I’ve learned a lot over the past months, and I’ve accomplished a lot. I’m looking forward to future results! If you put in the work with somebody like Jesse to guide you through your journey, it’s rewarding!”

2. Peace of mind and love for activity
“My two sons have been working with Coach Jesse. The workouts are intense, and they love it! Great pace, and I can tell they are already getting stronger. Can’t wait to see the results on the baseball field in the spring!”

3. Results and happiness
“Jesse White is a phenomenal fitness coach. My sixteen-year-old daughter was with a different fitness coach but was not seeing any improvements. She felt like she was losing strength and was not happy with her workout routine. We made the switch to Jesse after meeting with him and talking about her goals. After one meeting, we knew that Jesse was the coach for my daughter. He created a fitness plan for her that took into account a medical condition in which working out can cause her injuries. He even explained the difference in the workouts for people with her condition.

Within one month, her strength improved, and a nagging injury was not bothering her anymore. She felt her pulls were stronger. My fourteen-year-old daughter asked to go to Jesse after she talked to her sister. Jesse took the time to speak to her about her fitness goals and created a different plan for my fourteen-year-old. She also saw results and really enjoyed the workouts.

Jesse made my two daughters comfortable and have fun while working out. He was able to talk to them about nutrition, which I appreciate as a mother. They actually listen to him and are trying to improve their diets. We sadly had to stop because we moved to California, but I wish we could take Jesse with us! I highly recommend Jesse to anyone who is looking to improve their fitness.”

4. Personalized training and nutrition
“Jesse and Pete are the best. They listen to your goals and tailor a program for you. Not cookie-cutter training. Professional, personalized, educational, and FUN. Give them a try! You won’t be disappointed.”

We believe that the source of all this positivity is our work ethic and our attention to personal details. Jesse likes to say, “We are bringing the personal back into personal training.” This is the only way we can really drive clients to their goals. Another reason why our clients love us is because we try to undercharge and over-deliver.

What to expect from us in the future?
We have really started to open the virtual side of our services recently. Pre-Pandemic, we started getting into online and virtual training, but now we have scaled it to where we have been able to really provide great online experiences for our clients. 

By providing these online services, we aim to keep you safe and save you some money as you can stay in your home with a trainer or use our virtual options. We work with many clients even outside their homes, and it is a great way to keep a distance while getting a personal workout!

Our social work
We are proud of the work we do as we show people that they are more capable of achieving their goals than they realize. We enjoy showing them how amazing they are, and highlighting that they always had it in them.

By working with our clients, we are building a relationship with them. This allows us to coach them effectively, teach them how to build on their strengths, and prove to them that they can! Besides this, being innovative has been the key to our success over the last twelve months! We are always coming together as a team to see how we can grow our list of services and provide clients great fitness solutions that they enjoy.

For more information about how we help our clients meet their fitness goals, reach out to us at Home Core Fitness. We are in-home personal trainers catering to the needs of clients across New Market, Frederick County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Howard County, and the surrounding areas. Our trainers are all certified and insured to protect you in the event of accidents while training with them. They are also experienced and thoroughly trained to offer you services that guarantee results.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, please click here or get in touch with our team here

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