How We Are Staying Strong, During The Covid Lockdown!
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How We Are Staying Strong, During The Covid Lockdown!

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Since the start of the pandemic, many people were affected by the new rules and regulations, implemented by the Government. People were not allowed to leave their homes with harsh lockdown restrictions in most parts of the world. People working for most businesses and industries had to move to remote working, which meant that most people were getting their work while spending time out of the office.

With so many people spending so much time at home, they could not go to places where others were gathering, but mainly closed venues like gyms, auditoriums, among many others. The overall change was unhealthy with people not heading outdoors nor receiving the exercise they did in the past. Furthermore, with so many changes, people began signing up for virtual exercise classes.

Most people would watch videos on YouTube and try to handle their exercise from their houses. With most people now having more time, they were spending it consuming content or focusing on hobbies like painting, cooking, and baking among others. The changes taking place led many businesses revolving around meeting people and coordinating in-person interactions to change the way they were functioning.

People initially thought that the pandemic would only last a few months, but we have been through it for almost a year, and it doesn’t seem like much is changing. As a business, it forces us to stay innovative. We are learning new ways to deliver our products to our clients safely with convenience.

Keeping up with the changes were not as easy as they seemed, and in the initial days, we faced challenges. With the challenges and ability to overcome them, we grew strong as a company. We implemented all the CDC regulations and also came up with our own set of standards. The safety of our clients and teams is an important aspect of what we do and we prioritize them receiving clean equipment. Additionally, we are always washing our hands, maintaining healthy hygiene and taking our temperatures throughout the day, to name a few changes that we implemented.

We were not always running the same business or coordinating with the same clients but for the most part, the systems that we put in place from the initial days are the same, and there are not that many differences between them. We currently coordinate with our clients on Zoom, while working on finding other ways to deal with appointments and consultations. We are always learning as we move along and taking advantage of the web and other resources we have been able to reach more clients well outside of Maryland.

When it comes to the work we handle, it is two-fold. Most of our clients connect with us remotely and watch us on Zoom and other platforms where we assist with workouts and routines. We come into the office, gym and studio, where we film most of our content for clients, to provide them with a better experience instead of a phone camera.

While working virtually with clients, we sometimes wish we could jump through the computer to help them! There are many limitations when working remotely, and even assisting with form and other changes like improper lifting or making changes ideally handled better in person. We trained to slow things down and modify the workouts so they receive the most out of our sessions! We try our best to explain the changes to them, but there are limitations that even we cannot transcend.

Unfortunately, with the Coronavirus pandemic, there came many restrictions, but it is a lot easier to overcome those. We are a private practice and work on a one on one basis with small groups and families, all living in the same house.

When it comes to the office, we do as much as we can to make sure we are disinfecting the place. We want everyone on the team, and the people we are working and coordinating with safe throughout the process. We wipe down our equipment after every workout session.

When we have clients coming into the office, we give them space even during our workouts. Additionally, we wear full PPE and washing our hands throughout the day, making sure we maintain clean hygiene, clean clothes, and follow the rest of the rules. We do not see any client with a temperature of over 99.

We have not made many changes to the work we handle to stay consistent. We do not want to change anything so that it doesn’t make sense to our clients. Furthermore, our work timings are the same, and we are putting in the same hours we were in the past, coordinating with clients and their schedules.

We are also using the same platforms that we were using in the past, and there is nothing more secure that we need to coordinate the entire process. Zoom is serving the purpose, and it provides us with the privacy and the confidentiality that we need to get through the process. Some of the other platforms that we use are Mind Body and Training Peaks.

Currently, we meet many of our clients in person and are open to dealing with, as long as they follow the safety protocols, so they are not putting anyone at risk. We make sure that they wear masks at all times, and maintain a healthy distance even when we are working out.

Furthermore, no one should have a temperature, and they are in good health and showing no signs of illness. Sometimes clients ask us for advice on various exercises and other information, and we advise them to come to the gym to understand their requirements and explain how to get through them.

We use all applications with our clients, but our primary source has been Zoom. We are always making the process as convenient as possible for clients to reduce the challenge of learning and using a different platform. We also handle larger virtual public events and business expos to create more awareness about our brand. 

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