Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Personal Training
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Frequently Asked Questions About In-Home Personal Training

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If you’ve been exercising for weeks and months on your own but are yet to achieve your fitness goals, working with an in-home trainer is bound to give you results. However, as the programs and concepts offered by personal trainers are unique, you may struggle to acquire the information you need to choose a suitable fitness professional. To provide you with the details you’re looking for, Home Core Fitness has answered some of the most frequently asked questions about in-home personal training.

1. How does this work?
First, you’ll need to have a phone or in-person consultation with us to come up with an action plan. From there, we will go over your goals, our price packages and come up with a custom package to fit your fitness goals and, of course, budget. Once payment is received, we will come out and began our new process with you!

2. Do we need our own equipment?
No, you do not. We bring everything we need for our sessions. You will be amazed by how big a workout you can get with minimal equipment. We also educate you on how to use household items as workout tools.

3. Are your trainers certified?
Yes, we all hold nationally recognized certifications and are also insured. So you can rest assured knowing that your physical health is in good hands.

4. Do we always get the same trainer?
Yes, you will work with the same trainer for as long as you like. That way, you can build a report with them. We enjoy getting to know our clients and building a professional relationship with them so we can help them more.

If you have any more questions about in-home fitness training, get in touch with the experts at Home Core Fitness today! We provide in-home personal trainers across New Market, Frederick County, Montgomery County, Carroll County, Howard County, and the surrounding areas. We specialize in online fitness training as well as one-on-one personal training at private locations or homes. We have a diverse team of fitness and health professionals that provide training solutions by designing custom workout plans tailored to your fitness goals and schedule.

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