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Certified In Home Personal Trainers In Maryland

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Welcome to Home Core Fitness Personal Training.  We are glad you found us! We specialize in In-Home Personal Training in the Greater Frederick Maryland area.  Home Core Fitness delivers Certified Fitness Professionals directly to the comfort of your home.

We are proud to be able to offer you the most motivated and educated In-Home Personal Trainers in the Greater Frederick Maryland Area area. Our hiring process is a long and extensive one. After all, we want to make sure that the Home Core Fitness name is represented by the best personal trainers the industry has to offer. 

Home Core Fitness personal trainers deliver results, they craft each workout to tailor to their clients needs, they are punctual, responsible and caring. You won’t find all of these qualities in other trainers and that is why it can take months for us to hire just one trainer.

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In-Home Fitness Offerings In MAryland

Fitness Assessment and Goal Setting In Maryland 

Personal training with Home Core Fitness starts with fitness assessments and goal setting. Our in home personal trainers will perform measurements and provide you with body fat percentage at your request. We will also test your muscular endurance & flexibility.

In addition, we will assess your muscular condition and body movement by having you perform certain exercises and movements.  We do this in order to detect any areas of weakness or imbalance which we may need to work on correcting for you.  We make sure to build a strong foundation wherever YOUR body is at and we build on strength from there.

Once your current level of fitness has been assessed, your trainer will work with you to set your fitness goals and begin achieving the body, health and wellness you desire.

Strength Training In MAryland

Resistance training will include a variety of disciplines including a combination of free weights, machine-based training, swiss ball training, resistance bands, balance boards, medicine balls, sandbags, mat work and manual resistance. This keeps things fun and varied and gives our clients a healthy toned body. Whether you need in home personal training in the Greater Frederick Maryland metro, we can come to you with the equipment necessary to give you an incredible workout.

Introductory Strength and Conditioning – One of our specialties is coaching first timers – we have a great approach for beginners and newbies.

Functional Strength Training – Combination of all elements of fitness to produce peak performance in your every day life.

Circuit training – Cycling through specific muscle targeted movements, incorporating aerobics.

Interval Training – Involves a series of low to  high intensity muscular exercises interspersed with rest.

Body Sculpting and Total Body Conditioning – This is achieved by combining our nutritional program with strength training to achieve superior physical results.

In our strength training program we make use of many different exercise modalities, including TRX suspension training system, sand bags, stretch bands, stability balls, jump rope, boxing, bosu’s and medicine balls to name just a few.  We will make use of whatever modality we feel will best help you achieve your particular goals at whatever stage you are in in your fitness program.  Remember we meet you where you are at and go from there!

Personal Trainer using a trx

Cardiovascular Training In Maryland

Cardiovascular training will focus on target heart-rate training (where you train within your range of maximum benefit) and interval training (mixing brief bursts of higher intensity work with longer periods of lower intensity recovery). It can be machine-based, indoors or outdoors, and can include circuit training, swimming, running and even hiking. Home Core Fitness will recommend a form of cardio training that is enjoyable and keeps you motivated.

Circuit  & Interval training –  This is a time-efficient workout simultaneously delivering the benefits of a cardio session with those of a strength training session. There is no rest in the circuit program which will create a supercharged calorie burning workout. This program is also based around multi-joint, multi-muscle exercises, otherwise known as functional exercise. These functional exercises (such as performing a squat with a shoulder press) will spread the benefit around your body and make you fit for activities you perform in your every day life. This is a great approach for those who already understand the basics of strength training, have a limited amount of time for workouts and need to fit both cardio and strength training into one session. Interval training can also involve using timer based methods like Tabata that will drive the heart rate up for short bursts of time followed by a set time of recovery.

Functional Aging Fitness In Maryland 

We specialize in working with an older adult population.  We know the exact exercises to keep our clients feeling strong and healthy and to help get them back on track if they are coming out or rehab or are new to exercise.  We take great care in our clients form and technique and make sure to build a strong foundation before progressing.  Our trainers also have exceptional expertise in foam rolling and assisted stretching techniques.  Balance, posture and stability exercises are increasingly important to work on as we age.  Our clients have rave reviews on what they have been able to achieve through our senior fitness program.  Check out our testimonials.

Pre/Post Rehab In Maryland

Many physical therapists refer their patients to us post rehab because they know we take great care in building our programs -they are safe, effective, fun and produce results.  We also specialize in prepping clients before knee replacements and other surgeries to make sure their surrounding muscle tissue is strong and in good working order.  This will help them be more successful in their rehab/recovery period.

Corrective Exercise In Maryland 

What most clients don’t realize is that the pain they are experiencing in their body is most likely from an entirely different source.  It often is the result of a series of small events that occurred and when looked at from a whole this leads to the real reason the pain is being experienced.  We can help uncover the true cause of pain by performing a thorough exercise assessment. Muscle imbalances and movement issues are often the root cause of this chronic pain. Designing a series of  custom exercises can correct the movement and muscular imbalance issues thus eliminating pain and putting the client back in proper form and function again.

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