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    Jesse is a fantastic trainer. His energy is infectious. He’s extremely knowledgeable and is genuinely interested in you and your goals and will help you obtain those goals. I highly recommend Home Core Fitness!!

    Stephan Dobson
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    This has been absolutely one of the best personal experiences I have ever had. The workouts are motivating and personalized to my needs while pushing me to to the next level. Jessie’s own personality is motivating and he has a level of energy and enthusiasm like no one I know. Thanks to coach Jesse I am a better person!

    Brenda Conover
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    My 2 sons have been working with Coach Jesse. The workouts are intense and they love it! Great pace and I can tell they are already getting stronger. Can’t wait to see the results on the baseball field in the spring!

    Mike Etzel
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    Jesse and Pete are the best. They listen to your goals and tailor a program for you. Not cookie cutter training. Professional, personalized, educational, and FUN. Give them a try, you won’t be disappointed.

    Rob Robb
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    HCF - Jesse White listens to the needs of his clients then prepares sessions based on this information. I can’t wait to see the progress- we have trained with Jesse for several years - great for additional training when high school athlete is out of season!

    Carla Glawe
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    I have been training with Jesse off and on for over a year now. The guy knows what he’s doing and will help you achieve YOUR personal goals! I have been training in Jui Jitsu for a bit now and had my first tournament this past March. Not only did Jesse help me get my body into competing shape, he also helped me rehab my knee from an injury I suffered from that tournament. No matter where you are physically, the Home Core Fitness team will help become stronger an achieve those personal goals!

    Mike Fuller
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    Jesse provides excellent, personalized, motivating sessions. Having worked with only Jesse, I cannot speak to the other trainers, but imagine they are high caliber too.

    Kate Suarez
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    Had great workouts with Jesse White. Learned new techniques to target specific areas and learned to focus more on the importance of my form.

    Diane Ambur
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    Jesse White is the man! I was a weightlifter my whole life and had the crazy idea of trying to complete a triathlon for my first race ever. I had no clue where to start, Jesse made things seem very simple and helped me get across the finish line injury free!

    chris johnson
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    Home Core really takes care of you throughout the process of making lifestyle changes. My goals have became Jesse’s goals. I highly recommend Home Core Fitness if you’re looking to make big changes. I’ve noticed improvement in my coordination, muscle tone, and energy. I’ve learned a lot over the past months and I’ve accomplished a lot. I’m looking forward to future results! If you put in the work with somebody like Jesse to guide you through your journey, it’s rewarding!

    david b
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    Always an incredible experience and workout. My wife and, I will always make sure Homecore stays a routine in our week. You won’t be disappointed in your investment to your health and well being! Highly recommended!!!

    michael obrien
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    Great trainers, personalized workouts to achieve goals. Highly recommend

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    Home Core Fitness is absolutely the best! I was looking for a personal trainer in Frederick, but the problem was that I lacked the time or motivation to make it to a gym everyday. Honestly going to a gym with a hundred people just isn’t for me.

    Enter Home Core Fitness, the Personal Trainer Comes to my house two days a week. Sometimes the workouts are at my house, sometimes we go to the area parks, and the best part is sometimes we workout in the Home Core Fitness private studio!

    At first I could hardly make it thru the session, years of not treating my body healthy and not working out really showed. The encouragement of Jesse White was amazing, pushing me thru the difficult times was exactly what I needed.

    One of the first goals we set was to run the Bay Bridge which is a 10k. The feeling of crossing the finish line was absolutely incredible.

    I never realized how strong the connection between feeling good and fitness are.

    I would recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer or in home personal trainer in the Frederick Area look them up!

    Justin Riley
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    I've known and trained with Jesse since 2012, and his passion for fitness and helping others reach their fitness goals has only intensified. Home Core fitness is a unique concept that makes it convenient for clients to get a custom-fitted workout in any environment, whether it be outdoors, at the gym, or in the comforts of their own home.

    Wayne Baldwin
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    Great team of trainers changing people's lives! Grateful to be part of the team!

    J. White Racing & Fitness
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    Extremely experienced team that produces amazing results

    Brian Wade
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    So happy to be a part of the team bringing fun fitness into the home.

    Rick Reid
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    Grateful to be part of a great team of trainers delivering a great product to peoples homes.

    Jesse White
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    The full package!

    joshua marrits