Our Team

Our Life Changing Team

Jesse White

ISSA Certified Personal Trainer & USAT Level 1

Triathlon Coach

Jesse is the founder and owner of Home Core Fitness & wants nothing more then to help as many people as he can! While working out he likes educating his clients on why and what we are working on so they can practice their homework in between sessions! 
Holding two national certifications and many specialties, when not training his clients and a break from fatherhood, he trains for Ironman Triathlons, Ultra-marathons!  

Rick Reid

WITS Certified Trainer

I’ve been interested in fitness since my mid-thirties when I began running 10K races. I continued to increase my endurance and distance, culminating in the completion of a marathon at 38. My interests took a turn once I developed osteoarthritis in both knees. It was then that I began working out in a gym setting to maintain my cardio health while increasing total body strength thru weight training.
Throughout my professional career, I maintained my fitness training knowledge by working with professional trainers and classroom education. Upon retirement I obtained my personal training certification and have been a personal trainer for the past 4 years.

I have trained individuals, both male and female, from the teens up through the sixties. I create a balanced approach of strength training, flexibility, balance, and cardio health. I cater my routines based on the age, physical condition and health related concerns for each individual client.

I truly enjoy what I do, and the rewards I receive from people who report the benefits experienced in strength, overall fitness and improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose levels and relief of chronic pain.

My philosophy: “Aging if a fact of life, getting old is a choice”.

Peter Beyer

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Peter was very excited to come on board with Home Core Fitness! Nationally Certified through A.C.E he loves to lift weights and help people transform their bodies into something they thought they couldn’t accomplish. Leading his clients to achieving their goals and more!
When Pete isn’t in the gym body building he loves the outdoors Hiking, fishing and driving his jeep.

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