Justin Riley
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Justin Riley

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Home Core Fitness is absolutely the best! I was looking for a personal trainer in Frederick, but the problem was that I lacked the time or motivation to make it to a gym everyday. Honestly going to a gym with a hundred people just isn’t for me.

Enter Home Core Fitness, the Personal Trainer Comes to my house two days a week. Sometimes the workouts are at my house, sometimes we go to the area parks, and the best part is sometimes we workout in the Home Core Fitness private studio!

At first I could hardly make it thru the session, years of not treating my body healthy and not working out really showed. The encouragement of Jesse White was amazing, pushing me thru the difficult times was exactly what I needed.

One of the first goals we set was to run the Bay Bridge which is a 10k. The feeling of crossing the finish line was absolutely incredible.

I never realized how strong the connection between feeling good and fitness are.

I would recommend anyone looking for a personal trainer or in home personal trainer in the Frederick Area look them up!

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